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International Code Hunt Workshop on Educational Software Engineering (CHESE 2015)

Organizers: Judith Bishop, Alessandro Orso, Nikolai Tillmann, Tao Xie

Software engineering for education focuses on developing technologies that make programming, testing and analysis more accessible to students. This workshop explores testing through gaming, which is popular with students, and can produce data worthy of analysis. Code Hunt is an industrial strength programming game which is now open in the community and available for research. The aim of the workshop is to act not only as a forum for the exchange of ideas, but also as a vehicle to stimulate, deepen, and widen partnership between software engineering and education fields internationally. The workshop will pay special attention to the open source Code Hunt data (players' playing history) released by Microsoft Research (

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Workshop on Constraint Solvers in Testing, Verification and Analysis (CSTVA'15)

Sorry, CSTVA'15 has been canceled

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