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ISSTA 2015 Accepted Papers

  • Debugging
    • Qianqian Wang, Chris Parnin and Alessandro Orso. An In-Depth Study of IR-Based Fault Localization Techniques
    • Sai Zhang and Michael D. Ernst. Proactive Detection of Inadequate Diagnostic Messages for Software Configuration Errors
    • Zichao Qi, Fan Long, Sara Achour and Martin Rinard. An Analysis of Patch Plausibility and Correctness for Generate-And-Validate Patch Generation Systems
  • Web Security
    • Charlie Hothersall-Thomas, Sergio Maffeis and Chris Novakovic. BrowserAudit: Automated Testing of Browser Security Features
    • Yinxing Xue, Junjie Wang, Yang Liu, Hao Xiao, Jun Sun and Mahinthan Chandramohan. JS*: Detection and Classiffication of Malicious JavaScript via Attack Behavior Modelling
    • Johannes Dahse and Thorsten Holz. Experience Report: An Empirical Study of PHP Security Mechanism Usage
  • Mobile/Web Analysis
    • Haoyu Wang, Yao Guo, Ziang Ma and Xiangqun Chen. WuKong: A Scalable and Accurate Two-Phase Approach to Android App Clone Detection
    • Christoffer Quist Adamsen, Gianluca Mezzetti and Anders Møller. Systematic Execution of Android Test Suites in Adverse Conditions
    • Liang Gong, Michael Pradel, Manu Sridharan and Koushik Sen. DLint: Dynamically Checking Bad Coding Practices in JavaScript
  • Mobile Security
    • Wei Huang, Yao Dong, Ana Milanova and Julian Dolby. Scalable and Precise Taint Analysis for Android
    • Roee Hay, Omer Tripp and Marco Pistoia. Dynamic Detection of Inter-application Communication Vulnerabilities in Android
    • Lazaro Clapp, Saswat Anand and Alex Aiken. Modelgen: Mining Explicit Information Flow Specifications from Concrete Executions
  • Concurrency Analysis
    • Ganesh Narayanaswamy. When Truth is Efficient: Analysing Concurrency
    • Monika Dhok, Rashmi Mudduluru and Murali Krishna Ramanathan. Pegasus: Automatic Barrier Inference for Stable Multithreaded Systems
    • Sepideh Khoshnood, Markus Kusano and Chao Wang. ConcBugAssist: Constraint Solving for Diagnosis and Repair of Concurrency Bugs
  • Symbolic Execution
    • Xiangyang Jia, Carlo Ghezzi and Shi Ying. Enhancing Reuse of Constraint Solutions to Improve Symbolic Execution
    • Xiaofei Xie, Yang Liu, Wei Le, Xiaohong Li and Hongxu Chen. S-Looper: Automatic Summarization for Multipath String Loops
    • Xiaoyin Wang, Lingming Zhang and Philip Tanofsky. Experience Report: How is Dynamic Symbolic Execution Different from Manual Testing? — A Study on KLEE
  • Regression Testing
    • Milos Gligoric, Lamyaa Eloussi and Darko Marinov. Practical Regression Test Selection with Dynamic File Dependencies
    • Alex Gyori, August Shi, Farah Hariri and Darko Marinov. Reliable Testing: Detecting State-Polluting Tests to Prevent Test Dependency
    • Michael G. Epitropakis, Shin Yoo, Mark Harman and Edmund Burke. Empirical Evaluation of Pareto Efficient Multi Objective Regression Test Case Prioritisation
  • Search-based Algorithms
    • Tian Huat Tan, Yinxing Xue, Manman Chen, Jun Sun, Yang Liu and Jin Song Dong. Optimizing Selection of Competing Features via Feedback-directed Evolutionary Algorithms
    • Earl T. Barr, Mark Harman, Yue Jia, Alexandru Marginean and Justyna Petke. Automated Software Transplantation
    • Du Shen, Qi Luo, Denys Poshyvanyk and Mark Grechanik. Automating Performance Bottleneck Detection Using Search-based Application Profiling
  • Verification
    • Marko Dimjasevic and Dimitra Giannakopoulou. Test-Case Generation for Runtime Analysis and Vice Versa: Verification of Aircraft Separation Assurance
    • Lin Gui, Jun Sun, Yang Liu and Jin Song Dong. Reliability Assessment for Distributed Systems Via Communication Abstraction and Refinement
    • Andrea Aquino, Francesco Bianchi, Meixian Chen, Giovanni Denaro and Mauro Pezzè. Reusing Constraint Proofs in Program Analysis
  • Random Testing
    • Kohsuke Yatoh, Kazunori Sakamoto, Fuyuki Ishikawa and Shinichi Honiden. Feedback-controlled Random Test Generation
    • Vu Le, Chengnian Sun and Zhendong Su. Randomized Stress-Testing of Link-Time Optimizers
    • José Miguel Rojas, Gordon Fraser and Andrea Arcuri. Automated Unit Test Generation during Software Development: A Controlled Experiment and Think-Aloud Observations
  • Domain-specific Testing
    • Yoshiki Sato, Shumpei Hozumi and Shigeru Chiba. Calculation Coverage Testing in Scientific Applications
    • Kai Cong, Li Lei, Zhenkun Yang and Fei Xie. Automatic Fault Injection for Driver Robustness Testing
    • Kıvanç Muşlu, Yuriy Brun and Alexandra Meliou. Preventing Data Errors with Continuous Testing
  • Model-based Testing
    • Chunhui Wang, Fabrizio Pastore, Arda Goknil, Lionel Briand and Muhammad Zohaib Iqbal. Automatic Generation of System Test Cases from Use Case Specifications
    • Tao Yue, Shaukat Ali and Man Zhang. Applying A Restricted Natural Language Based Test Case Generation Approach in An Industrial Context